Eduard Vallory Eduard Vallory is a Political Scientist who has been Director of the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics (a research university institute) since its inception in 2006 until December 2012. He is currently Visiting Scholar of the Sociology Department at New York University (Jan. 2013-July 2014). He has also been Research Fellow of Fitzwilliam College at the University of Cambridge, and he served as Chief of Staff of the Ministry for Universities and Research of the Government of Catalonia. He holds a PhD in Political Science from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, an MA in Social Sciences from the University of Chicago, an AMP from IESE Business School, and a BA in Philosophy and Journalism (UB-UPF).

His doctoral research devoted to analyzing the case of scouting as a global movement was pursued during his two-year stage at Cambridge, with the dissertation “Global Citizenship Education – Study of the ideological bases, historical development, international dimension, and values and practices of World Scouting”. The thesis committee was chaired by Federico Mayor Zaragoza, former Director of the UNESCO, and the supervisor was Prof. Imma Tubella, Rector of the UOC. The dissertation became the first academic research ever on the world scout movement as a whole.

Eduard has had a long experience in the scout movement, that he joined when he was 8 years old. After years of grass roots involvement in scout groups, in 1995 he became Head of External Relations of Escoltes Catalans and International Commissioner for WOSM and WAGGGS, as well as Vice-Chairman and International Commissioner of the Catalan Federation of Scouting and Guiding ( FCEG), until 2000. He was also President of the Catalan Youth Council (CNJC) and an active member of the European network of scout/guide representatives in youth platforms.

During his duties as International Commissioner, and also later on as a researcher, Eduard Vallory attended several international events. He was member of the youth-involvement project of the European Scout and Guide Region "Leadership: Passing on the Tasks" (1996-97), and was delegate to the 2nd World Scout Youth Forum (Norway, 1996). He was also delegate to two World Scout Conferences (35th, South Africa 1999; and 34th , Norway 1996), and attended other two as a guest (39th, Brazil 2011; 37th , Tunis 2005). Additionally, he was delegate to three European Scout Conferences and Europe Conferences of WAGGGS: Czech Republic (2001); Luxemburg (1998); and Austria (1995).

He has also been a guest to the 32nd World Conference of WAGGGS (Jordan, 2005), and observer in two General Assemblies of the World Scout Parliamentary Union (WSPU): the 4th (Egypt, 2003) and the 3rd (Poland 2000). More recently, he has been the academic organizer of the Academic Day at the 22nd World Scout Jamboree, in Sweden (2011).

In 2007 Eduard was one of the academic participants at the World Scientific Congress “Education and the World Scout Movement ” in Geneva (his paper could be found here with the other contributions). Later on, after participating in 2008 at the academic symposium “Scouting, a Centennial History” at the Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, he published a chapter of the book Scouting Frontiers: Youth and Scout Movement's First Century, edited by Nelson Block and Tammy Proctor.