The Book

The Book

“This work is a monumental contribution to the ongoing debates in comparative and international education, and other social science and educational fields as well, over issues such as «globalization» and «localization» or cross-cultural institutional transfer.”

Joseph P. Farrell,

Professor emeritus, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (University of Toronto). Past President, Comparative and International Education Society

“This book is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding how social movements and voluntary organizations can successfully contribute to preparing our youth to develop some of the competencies that will most matter to their ability to take charge of their future.”

Prof. Fernando Reimers,

Ford Foundation Professor of International Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education

“The research which Eduard Vallory has produced is not just exceptional, it is unique, because it is the first ever written academic study on World Scouting, both in its origin, evolution, and globality. This book thus fills a great void.”

Dr. Jacques Moreillon,

Secretary General of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (1988-2004), former Director General of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

“Eduard Vallory has written an impressively researched and eminently readable account of the positive contribution Scouting and Guiding has made to the modern world. All those involved and interested in the development of young women and men into responsible world citizens will find this book invaluable and inspiring.”

Lesley Bulman-Lever,

Chief Executive, World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (1997-2006)

“This book unveils how Scouting values of peace, tolerance, and solidarity shape responsible individuals into global citizens with critical thinking skills and a commitment to human rights - individuals who are willing to make a change anywhere they find injustice.”

Prof. Federico Mayor Zaragoza,

Director-General of the UNESCO (1987-1999); Chairman of the Foundation for a Culture of Peace.

“Eduard Vallory’s excellent new book is quite possibly the best discourse on World Scouting and non-formal education I have ever had the good fortune to read. It is essential reading for anyone who seeks to understand Scouting and its educational mission.”

John May,

Vice-Chairman of the World Scout Committee, Secretary General of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award for Young People.